Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Melody

When this happened, I do not know...
I woke up one day, and you were a part of me,
A soft gossamer scarf over my soul,
An ever present whisper pervading my senses,
A mellifluous song stuck in my mind.

When this happened, I do not know...
I stepped out one day, and felt a pang,
That I was leaving something important behind;
My feet missed a step, my heart skipped a beat;
As I plodded unsurely away from the door.

When this happened, I do not know...
When I'm away from you, I ache for some music,
Though there is no tune that can slake this thirst,
For it is you that I miss, like a lost melody,
I will always be at your side, my first and last melody.

Prashanth Sriram

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Confessions of an Imperfect Man

I'm not perfect, I know.
I don't always speak true.
But I'm happy enough when you say,
"Your word will do; I trust you."

I'm not perfect, I know.
I bring tears as well as smiles.
But I'm happy enough when you shake my hand,
"We can put it behind us; I know you meant well."

I'm not perfect, I know.
I don't know how to be nice to you.
But I'm happy enough when you admit,
"I'm glad you said it to my face, and not behind my back."

I'm not perfect, I know.
I make mistakes all the time.
But I'm happy enough when you believe,
That tomorrow I'll be a better man.

I'm not perfect, I know.
But all things said and done,
I'm really, really happy when you say,
"I'm proud to call you FRIEND."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

There came a day...

There came a day, when I knew
That I was in love…
When I opened the curtains,
And all the colours seemed brighter.
“Has it always been this way?” I gasped.
A butterfly alighted upon my palm.
“Always,” it said, “Always.”

There came a day, when I knew
That I was in love…
My fingers flicked the roses upon my table,
And I breathed in their heady scent.
“Have flowers always smelled so sweet?” I wondered.
I opened the note that came with the flowers,
“Always,” it said, “Always.”

There came a day, when I knew
That I was in love…
I found myself gliding, not walking,
Which is passing strange, as I had always wanted to fly.
“Is this what flying feels like?” I thought aloud.
A sparrow replied from yonder tree,
“Always,” it said, “Always.”

There came a day, when I knew
That I was in love…
A tear rolled down my cheek, and I was annoyed.
“Why are you here?” I asked, “I am not sad.”
“Your eyes are filled with the sweetest face,
And there is no room for me in there.
Now. Tomorrow. Always.”

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Proposal

A billion stars winked at her teasingly
From the clear night sky.
A million thoughts careened inside her head
In every possible direction.
A thousand smiles they had exchanged
Over the years.
A hundred reasons she could think of
To say no.
A dozen roses held tantalizingly
In front of her.
Two people waiting on the moor
In that most poignant of moments.
One person to spend
The rest of her life with?

To find, perhaps,
Countless joys, depthless trust,
Boundless love, endless happiness,
And priceless memories?

She took a deep breath,
And said, "Yes".

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Slightest Excuse

I have fond memories of an old friend.
Even in the gravest of circumstance,
If I looked in to her twinkling eyes,
I could swear she was ready to break into dance,
At the slightest excuse.

A cheerful soul, ready with a smile,
A warm greeting, a kind word,
A disarming joke, and such pretty lips,
I could swear she was ready to launch into laughter,
At the slightest excuse.

When she was around, even the wannest face
Would light up with a smile;
Brush away the tears,
And laugh, and talk, and dance
At the slightest excuse.

Many years passed 'fore I saw her again,
But I scarce recognized her without her smile...
She held her head lower, had circles 'round her eyes,
And could burst into tears, it seemed to me,
At the slightest excuse.

No disarming jokes, but bitter retorts.
No laughing lips, just a compressed frown.
No uplifting words, only cynical taunts.
She could go into a shell, it appeared to me,
At the slightest excuse.

I cornered her later, and cupped her cheek,
And looked at her with searching eyes.
She crumpled then, head on my shoulder,
And let the tears flow free.

What happened, I asked.
Life, she said.
Oh, friend, I realize now,
In grievous, bitter irony..

The person you needed all those years
To keep your chin high, your eyes bright,
Your heart and soul intact..
Was none other than you.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Have Faith

When as a child I played in the fields,
Fell and bruised my knees,
I cried out for pain, and for someone
To lead me by the hand to the doors of my home...

As I pored over my books,
And racked my head at ideas obscure,
I hoped for someone to peer over my shoulder
And bring the elusive meanings within my grasp...

When I stood at the crossroads,
Hesitant and unsure,
I wished someone would step out of the blue
And give me a sign, show me the way...

When I lay fevered in bed,
My face contorted in pain;
I prayed for someone to come to me
And heal me with a touch of his hand...

As I walked alone on a thorny road,
I yearned for someone to keep me company
To keep my thoughts together,
And my sanity intact...

One day I sat, silent, in the House of God,
And asked, by what right do you expect Faith
When you have never been there
As I walked my path of Life?

But now I wonder...

Was it your gentle hand that wiped my tears away
And bade me walk home that day?

Was it your invisible touch that guided me to the right books
So that I may ask, and think, and learn?

Was it your comforting presence that told me
No matter which way I go, everything will be alright?

Was it your smiling face that gave me strength
To face my illness and come out a better man?

Was it you who sent those special friends
To keep me company on the thorny road?

Was it your unspoken voice,
That told me every day,
"Have Faith"?

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Slip Away

(Inspired in part by the song Iris by Goo Goo Dolls)

A stolen moment...
Under the stars.
One that I relive...
Every day, every hour.

Memories are meant to be remembered
And tears are meant to be shed.
Dreams are meant to be shattered,
But I know I'll see you again.

All I can see are your eyes
And all I can hear are our heartbeats;
All I can feel is your breath on my lips
The moment will never slip away...

Hearts are meant to be broken,
And wishes are meant to be lost to the wind.
Eyes are meant as much to weep as to see.
And yet I know I'll see you again.

All I can smell is the scent of your hair
And all I can touch is your soft skin;
All I can hold is your hand in mine,
And I refuse to let it slip away.

Hearts and dreams may be shattered to bits
And eyes may weep oceans of tears,
But I'll cherish the memory as long as I live
And I know I'll see you again.